Friday, October 21, 2011


I'm going to attempt to start updating this blog with my crazy thoughts (Probably mostly about gaming).  Additionally, I plan to add things like samples of my work so that I can show potential employers.

Anyways, I am in my 3rd week of being unemployed and I'm finding it very interesting.  It's kind of Heaven and Hell together.  Not having to wake up or be anywhere or do anything is nice for a bit, but not having a job sucks.  Hollywood is great, there's always something to do, but it mostly costs money.  Looking for a Game Design job can be more work than actually having a job:  Long interviews, essay questions, level design tests.  I don't disagree with the system generally, because it's really hard to tell if someone's a good designer just from an interview.  Although, the time constraints are kind of BS.  If you pressure someone enough, they'll cheat.  I'd rather say, "Return the test in a timely fashion" and if it takes them a long time talk about it.  Anyways...

My recent unemployment stint also happens to be another mini golden age of gaming.. so many good games out or on the way out.  I've been playing some great games: Gears, Burnout:Crash, Orcs Must Die, Space Marine...  Some OK games:  Dungeon Defenders, Dead Island.  And for $ reasons I've had to skip a few games:  Rage, Batman.   Geez.  I really should give each one of these a proper review.  I generally don't like to post in-depth reviews on FB because I don't want to shove it in people's face.  But the new groups feature is good and I rant about gaming to my "gamers" list.  But I will for sure post reviews on this blog (If I keep up with the updates)

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